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The Psychology of a Winner PART ONE

Written by benji

All winners see it in the inside whatever they want to experience on the outside the interesting finding in the psychology of a winner is that winners and losers manage their emotions differently in fact a mastery over one’s emotions is the major key factor to winning in order to become a winner one must manage and break through five crucial key emotions for winning the lack of managing these emotions can deteriorate your performance and scar you for the rest of your life the first key emotion that you must master in order to emerge as a winner is overcoming all of your frustrations you know we get frustrated when we don’t live up to our standard and potential you feel disappointed when you don’t meet your own expectations frustrations kill your dreams it turns a positive attitude into a negative one a total surrender to frustrations has contributed in the creation of a lot of losers it breeds mediocrity and victimizes people completely but frustrations have a purpose to serve and winners use frustrations to their advantage.

winners know how to break through their frustrations by turning their frustrations into developing a fascination for something – voting their focus to overcompensate something they feel they lack the most and now you too can use for us patience for your advantage.

Another effective way to encounter your frustrations is to simply laugh at your selling frustrations when you look back in time don’t you feel like laughing at yourself for something that was frustrating you at one point I mean really remember times when you felt too frustrated and then later on when you recall that experience you felt like laughing at yourself the catch is this you don’t need to be in the future to look back and laugh at something frustrating going on right now you can laugh at yourself at this very moment become bigger than your problems when you do that you can literally dwarf any overwhelming situations that’s the psychology of a winner remember this little things affect little people the second emotional mastery is learning how to manage rejection a rejection is a universal phenomenon and it’s a natural part of our life even though we intellectually know this none of us are proud when we experience rejection emotionally we go through more pain than anything else when we feel rejected as a matter of fact all of us grew up through several rejections in our life it’s a fact that when you are in the pursuit of achieving something there will be many situations and people that may reject you is a part of life but most of us do not accept them instead we get fearful about the idea of rejection.

as rejection in the brain signals pain rejection and pain are the same things to your brain right so we try to avoid rejection it’s an uncomfortable thing being rejected being told no but throughout life and the further we go the more we expand our consciousness the greater we become as individuals we learn to deal with rejection and one of the biggest things that I’ve learned in my life my friend is that rejection equals protection anytime I’m rejected I often think to myself that there’s something bigger there’s something better there’s something more bold there’s something that’s going to light myself on fire and that I’m truly more passionate about and that’s why I was rejected it’s a greater opportunity God’s giving you something that you can do something with fear of rejection can become a major reason for many of life’s failures those who fear rejection do nothing winners know that the key to success in life is getting maximum rejection this means the more you rejected the more you’ll be successful.

the key to acceptance is through rejection the more you are rejected the more you will be accepted stallone once said yo yo i take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake up and get going rather than retreat well said there stallone now people who have made history have gone through several rejections in their life now this is a proud moment for all the ones that are rejected at some point in their life.

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