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Measurement and Review

Conditions for success There are a number of essential pre-conditions for the success of the plan. The key ones are:
● The availability of resources in line with the assumptions which are set out in the finance section
● The gearing up of the internal organisation so that it is robust enough to deliver on the plan
● The extent to which co-operation is forthcoming with affiliates and agencies involved in the organisation of football at local, regional and national level
With the support of these elements, the FAI will measure success as outlined below.
Critical Success Indicators The FAI recognises the importance of measuring the impact of its actions. This is appropriate as a guide to assessing the effectiveness of its actions and as a basis for evaluating value for money to the Association and the national purse. The following are the critical success indicators which the FAI will monitor to assess its success in implementing the plan:
● Number of people participating in FAI football programmes and local regional and national structures (by age, gender, geographic location, social circumstance).The FAI will rely heavily on the Irish Sports Council’s research programme for initial data in relation to participation but with the implementation of a standard player registration database, updated figures will be readily available.
● Achievements of Irish teams at international level and in European club competition. This will be measured by the FAI in relation to the performance of Irish international and National League teams in European and World Championships.
● Progress in relation to the development of structures and performance indicators at local, county provincial and national levels within the FAI’s organisational development model and the development of strategic plans for the implementation of the overall Technical Development Plan.
● Through criteria established by the FAI, influence the current and capital investment in the game. This will be measured through the degree of revenue generated by the FAI over the course of the plan
● Increased awareness of the benefits of participation in football by the public at large and awareness of the positive work that is undertaken by the FAI at all levels of the game.This will be measured through market research at various intervals
The Association will also monitor two key enablers for delivering on the strategic objectives:
● The forging and strengthening of key relationships through which the plan will be delivered. The development of these relationships will increase our ability to act through them and is crucial to the effectiveness of the implementation
● Achievement of key developmental milestones of the FAI as an organisation. To be effective, it must develop as an organisation, moving up the developmental curve as the implementation of the plan occurs.The Technical Department has mapped out the next steps in its development and will monitor progress to ensure the capability to deliver.
Review Process A strong and timely review process will be vital to the success of the plan. The implementation of the plan will be continuously reviewed over its 5 year term. This will be done using a variety of mechanisms at management level. The FAI will address a number of dimensions of the implementation as follows:
● Measurement of outcomes to be delivered by the plan as defined in the implementation plan
● The commissioning of regular reports (quarterly) by management and delivered by national and provincial coordinators
● The outcome of an annual survey of the registration database
● The FAI will produce in its annual report a statement on progress on the implementation of the plan and any changes, which have been considered necessary due to changes in the environment in which the plan operates
● Business plans, with accompanying action plans will be developed for each area of the plan.

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