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The Irish Framework for the development of soccer

Written by benji

Soccer is the world’s leading sport. The game provides a healthy, enjoyable outlet for children and adults all over the globe. In Ireland, soccer is a central part of sporting culture and plays a vital role in developing individuals and in achieving international success. Football in Ireland is entering an important new era.The consultation process which underpins this document has shown clearly that the FAI needs to take a strong leadership role in the future. A new and agreed framework for the development of football needs to be put in place and should include the following;

● The FAI must be more player oriented in all its decision making and structures (See figure 1)
● The FAI should provide a clear framework for developing players at all levels of the game
● The FAI needs to take a strong leadership role in implementing the overall framework
● There needs to be an agreed, clear, effective and cohesive structure within the Technical Department in order to implement the Technical Development Plan
● The structure needs to promote open and twoway communication and effective linkages between national, regional and local levels within the game
● Volunteers and professionals must work together in a spirit of openness, respect and mutual trust
● In order for the Technical Development Plan to be implemented the importance of working together towards a common goal needs to be recognised at all levels of the FAI
● The framework must be developed taking due account of Government policy in general and the policies of the Irish Sports Council in particular (e.g. anti doping; code of ethics; participation; performance and excellence)
● The development of Irish players should be guided by best practice and the principles of long term player development

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